How Much Does It Cost To Do An MBA?


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Your question is very general as you should mention the country from where you want to do MBA, any way as you are asking generally, and most of people want to do MBA from abroad so I can tell you about the cost of MBA in abroad.

There are very good universities in UK, America, Germany, Sweden and Canada. MBA is not easy to do in abroad because of financial requirements and some other requirements. In England Good universities take 1, 00000 $ but when successful students of those universities do job then they get 2000$ to 2500$ per month and also more than that. You will also find some universities which take 10000 $ to 12$000 for MBA. There is restriction in good universities as they don't give admission until those people who want to get admission does not show at least two years experience. If a student do MBA from one of the universities like this then when he come back in his/her country, then every company give preference to them and I think those people deserve for this. There are some small colleges in England which take very little amount but there standard is definitely less than from other universities, and they do not get opportunities in top level companies while students from good universities get jobs as soon as they complete their degree.
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please elaborate your question with country options.

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