What Is The Importance Of The Footnotes?


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A second way you document your sources is in a series of footnotes. Technically these notes are called endnotes when you place them in one list at the end of the text and footnotes if you place them at the bottom or foot of each page. We will use footnotes as the general terms. Footnotes are a bit trickier than bibliographies. In a bibliography you automatically list all you sources. With footnotes however you must decide when to use them as well as how to use them. When should you use footnotes? The answer once again goes back to your reader. For example if you are stating a simple fact and the reliability of your source is not an issue you would not footnote. However if you are stating a starting new fact or a fact that may lead your reader to wonder about its source, you should footnotes. First is to give your readers a source so they can judge how reliable the information is, to give them a place to look to check your facts or to find more information on the subjects, to give credit to another source.

Therefore use footnotes for direct quotations, paraphrases of ideas and any idea that is not common knowledge.

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