What Is The Importance Of Bibliography Reference System?


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I think that the Bibliography is important not only because it gives you the books and articles that you have used, it is very important because plagiarism is a big offense, not only that when somebody else is reading your work, and wants to know some thing more about what you have written then if you have given an accurate bibliography, it will help the person to check into that book and avoid all the excessive search that you have already done. As Mann says, published Bibliographies are the best way to get an overview of work that has been already done because it contains citations to important studies which are not included in computer databases.
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It avoid plagialism
it is easily and simple
enable the reader to know the source of information
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The bibliography-reference system is becoming increasingly popular in business. This system directs your reader to look at certain entries in the bibliography and avoids the whole issue of typing footnotes separately. This system is therefore more efficient however it is less flexible, because you cannot add comments as you can with traditional raised-numeral footnotes. In this system the citation occurs in the text itself. One such method is to cite by author, date and page numbers. Another method is by citation number and page number. The number 12 keys your reader to entry 12 in your bibliography. The author and date method is usually preferred because it lets your reader know the source and data without having to refer back to the bibliography.

The raised numeral system is the traditional method. It takes more space and efforts but it is more flexible because you can add comments in your footnotes. Number your notes consecutively throughout the document not starting over on each page and place them at the foot of each page or the end of the document whichever you reader prefers. If you use the raised numeral method you will need to know how your footnotes differ from bibliography entries.

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