What Is Bibliography?


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The term bibliography came from the Greek word which literary means "book writing". Bibliography can be defined as the systematic study and description of the book. The word refers to the listing of books according to some specific system such as descriptive or enumerative bibliography, or to the study of books as substantial objects such as critical or analytical bibliography. The main objective of the bibliography is to proper organize the information of the required and available materials which enables the students, readers, researchers, teachers to get a methodical access to the source of the content of the book in question. The enumerative type bibliography is often known as a reference list, which is predominantly prevalent in scientific literature. A descriptive bibliography may comprise the information about the author, author's works and accomplishments on a given subject as well as place and time. Critical bibliography came into the scene during 20th century. It includes the scrupulous description about the physical feature such as binding, printing, paper type of the book.

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