What Is Ratio Scale And How Does It Help To Calculate The Ratio?


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The use of ratio scale reduces the drawbacks of the random origin point of scale and it uses absolute zero point instead of origin point which is better measurement point. This scale helps in determining the magnitude of differences but also facilitates to find the ratio between the differences of points. It is best tool among the four scales because it uses the zero origin and include all the characteristics of remaining three scales. The weighting balance is a good example of a ratio scale. It has an absolute zero origin calibrated on it, which allows us to calculate the ratio of the weights of two individuals. For instance a person weighing 250 pounds is twice as heavy as on who weights 125 pounds.

Note that multiplying or dividing both of these numbers by any given number will preserve the ratio of 2:1.The central tendency can be measured by the ratio scale by using the arithmetic or geometric means and similarly it can be further used for determining the standard deviation and variance of coefficient. Some examples of ratio scale are those pertaining to actual age, income and number of organizations individuals have worked for. So this is very useful scale for the research.
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Find a known dimension of one of the triangles that has a corresponding known dimension on the other triangle. The ratio of those is the scale factor. Example   The shortest side of the first triangle is 5 units. The shortest side of the second, similar triangle is 10 units. The scale factor is 10/5 = 2.

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