What Are The Different Types Of Japanese Language In Modern Japan And What Is The Official Status Of Japanese Language In Japan?


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Your query is about the types of Japanese language and you have shown your desire to know about the Japanese language of modern Japan. Japanese is the actual official language of Japan. And Japan is the only country where Japanese is an official working language. So its status in Japan is very high. There are basically 2 types of Japanese language which is considered as a standard language style or type.

One of them is the standard language of Japan which is used in document and writings and that is called "Hyojungo". While there is another language which is spoken by the general public of Japan and its citizens this language is called "Kyotsugo". So these are the 2 major types of the Japanese language.

Now government of Japan has worked out on many policies on Japanese language so the key differences of these 2 standard languages are getting finished. And Japan is going to have one common language for all in near future.We can make another division of standard Japanese language. That is the literary language of japan and it is called "bongo" while the second type is the oral language of Japan and that is called "kogo" they both have slightly different grammar rules and some small difference in vocabulary. So these are the types of Japanese language. I hope my answer is satisfactory.
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I can tell you that the status of this language in Japan is very high, and there are four main types of script in Japan. It can be pretty hard to learn for foreigners, but with various blogs, it's not that complicated to find all the necessary info and learn japanese alphabet, just make sure you practice every day, it's important.

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The type of Japanese I know is Kanji, which literally translates into "Chinese Characters." Each figure means a word, like Chinese.
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Types of language? Do you mean types of script? There are four main types: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Roman letters. Japanese is the official language of Japan.

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