Is Punctuality Is Necessary?


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Punctuality means machine like precision in the observance of appointed time. It is often very difficult but, nevertheless, it is important. Those who save time are sure to appreciate and enjoy it. Life is short, but that does not mean that man cannot achieve glory and perfection.

Perfection does not depend on years; it depends on how one spends one's time. There is a proper time for everything and it must do in time. As a late monsoon causes failure of crop, late attention to work brings failure in life. If one is a big late in doing one's present duty one may not do it all.

We may be only a few minutes late and miss a train and get into a sea of troubles. This means the ruin of our future. Punctuality is a must in all spheres of life. The doctor must observe it, if means to save his patient's life. Only a minute's delay causes the death of the patient. Delay serves neither the patient nor the doctor. The patient dies, but the doctor also loses his reputation.

The western countries are noted for their punctuality. This is one of the virtues that have contributed to their glory and there fore there growth rate is higher.
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In short, yes.

Punctuality is a show of respect for other people. If you have no value on other peoples time then you show no respect.

For example: if you were going to have a party at your home, do you say what time the party starts? If yes how would you feel if nobody showed up at the correct time, say 2 hours late? That would hurt your feeling and you would lose a bit more respect for those who didn't care enough about you and your feelings.
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It resembles the attitude and dedication of the person towards the work.It is just an ornament,which shines if maintained properly.
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It's quite important for the growth of a person. Punctuality shows the persons dedication towards his life

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