Purpose Of Gloria Emerson In Writing About Her Jump From The Aero Plane:


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Gloria Emerson worked in newspaper office. She wrote stories about women. There was no thrill or excitement in her stories. They came out like little cookies. They did not make much impact on the readers. She wanted to have some thrilling experience or 5 adventurous events to write about. She was fed up with common stories of social and romantic contents. She wanted to perform something daring and brave. Then she wanted to write a shining, interesting story about it. The purpose was to surprise and impress others.

Gloria Emerson was a woman of weak health. She could not run or drive confidently. She needed a task suited her physical and mental condition. So, she chose to jump from an aero plane with a parachute. It seemed to her a perfect adventure as it did not require any talent. It something women do not usually do. S

he was anxious to feel the rising of a small plane, taking the plunge in the open atmosphere and then descending slowly under the huge canopy of parachute. She was assured that parachuting was as safe as swimming. She liked it because; she had little imagination to think of the dangers involved in it.
The writer enjoyed her parachute drop. All her friends were surprised at her success. Moreover, she gave a thrilling story to her newspaper readers. Her purpose of making this jump and writing a good story was fulfilled.

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