Bring Out The Element Of Humor In Leacock's Essay "My Tailor".


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It is true that "My Tailor" is a humorous essay. Stephen Leacock is a great comic writer. He has written many humorous essays and stories. His humor is light, harmless and free from bitterness. In this essay his humor is based on characterization. He describes the behavior of his tailor in an amusing way. He mixes humor in the professional manners of his tailor and makes the essay very delightful.

First, we see that the tailor shows the suit material to his customer on his bended knee with one leg in the air. He thinks that when he is in thins condition; it is difficult for a customer to resist him. The writer is fully aware that he is doing it only to flatter him. To writer also tells us that his tailor always talks about weather while his tailor ends with it. Further, the writer always found his tailor standing in the back part of his shop with his tape around his neck. Here, the joy of humor is mixed with pain and photos.

Chesterton's humor is different from Leacock's humor. His humor is based on incident and is ironical in nature. In his essay "From some policeman and a moral" he has presented a situation in which he mocks at the behavior of the policeman before and after knowing the writer. Here humor and irony merge into each other amusing the readers greatly. In short, humor in the two essays is different in nature and effect.

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