Can You Describe The Essay "Heroes And Heroines" By Stephen Leacock?


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Stephen Leacock is best known as a humorous writer. He wrote humorous stories and essays.In the present story "Heroes and Heroines" he has ridicules the traditional heroes. He tells us that the writers of the modern age generally write stories which are not true to life. They present heroes who are supernatural, infallible and invincible. No one can defeat them. On the other hand they can face the greatest dangers of war, shipwrecks etc. without any fear. But the astonishing fact is that they never get seriously wounded while facing these dangers.

Once the writer met a blue-eyed boy who was reading a book, the writer took the book from his hand and started to read on opening page. The title of the book was "Dauntless Ned Among Cannibals". It went as Ned was attacked by many cannibals. He killed many of cannibals single-handedly. But at last he was caught up. They tied him with a tree. A big cauldron of boiling oil was lying aside. The cannibals decided to roast him and were dancing with joy.

The writer asked the boy if the book was sensational. The boy replied in negative. He told that Ned would be saved because he was the hero.Ned is a typical traditional hero. We find him doing quite impossible things in great battles and great event of the world. It was he who helped General Meade in the battle of Gettysburg and changed defeat into victory. It was Ned who compelled King John to sign Magna Charta. In short such type of heroes is found here, there and everywhere. Heroines of such stories do not have any significant role to play. They appear in the later part of a novel or story.

She is there only because of the hero. Often she belongs to a rival group. She is shown marrying a hero like Ned. The marriage brings the two rival tribes together.Stephen Leacock criticizes the writers of such stories and novels. He wants that the writers should write stories which are true to life. They should depict social and human problems through their writings.

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