Can You Describe The Essay "The Star" By H.G. Wells?


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It was the beginning of 20th century. On the very first day of the century the people discovered a dim star in the sky. At the same time an announcement was made simultaneously from three observatories that the motion of the planet, Neptune had become very erratic. Next day early in the morning it became quite clear. It created a great stir and sensation all over the world. The scientists declared that it was a star that entered the solar system from outer space. A mathematician declared that the end of the earth was near. The reaction in different people was different.
Next day it grew brighter than the moon. For the people that was the restless night. They gathered in the churches to pray to God. The "New Star" went on moving towards the earth. It passed without any collision. But it caused great destruction on earth. There were floods and forests were set ablaze. There were earthquakes in America. A large number of men and animals lost their lives in the floods and earthquakes.
However, after the horrible event, a pleasant change took place on the earth. Fraternity and brotherhood was developed among the people. The cold places became moderate and life became possible there.
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The essay "The Star" is by H.G Wells in which he describes the creation of universe and our solar system as in science has studied.

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