Can You Describe Essay "Seeing Life" By Arnold Bennet?


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Arnold Bennet was a famous novelist and playwright. He had a superb faculty of seeing things around him with keen observation. He could describe them in a most realistic manner. In this story, he takes an ordinary road accident, uses his sympathy, sensitivity and magical pen and transforms it into a delicate piece of art.

Once a little dog was moving along the footpath. When he entered the road, he did not know the danger he was going to face. Suddenly, he saw a bus coming from one side of the road. But he took no notice of it. He turned his eyes to another direction carelessly. But the bus was more careless than he was. It hit him with full force and threw him on the mud along the road.

The driver stopped the bus. He could easily run away. But "the invisible brake of public opinion" prevented him from doing so. He and the conductor jumped down from the bus and reached near the dog. In the mean time, two policemen came there. Many other people also gathered on the spot. They all were standing silently looking at the dead dog. Nobody cared to go near him. Suddenly, a boy came forward. He picked up the dog and threw it near the gutter.

Among the passengers, there was a well-dressed, middle-aged man. He looked very angry. He stamped his feet on the ground and cried at the driver. He told other passengers that the previous year; he had been knocked down by a taxi driver. But no body had stopped to look at him or to help him. Now, he was angry with the driver who had stopped the bus for an ordinary dog.

The writer describes the heartlessness of the people. He observes the behaviour of the young boy, the frustration of the gentle man and the slovenly attitude of the policemen. He communicates his observation to the reader in a convincing manner.

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