Can You Discuss The Essay "Snapshot Of A Dog" By James Thurber?


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James Thurber is a famous and popular American writer and artist. Many of his writings and drawings deal with dogs. He understands them and he has the gift of being able to communicate his understanding to the reader.The writer and his two brothers had a dog in their childhood. His name was Rex. He was a strong muscular American Bullterrier. He was very active, brave and most faithful. Nothing was impossible in his world.

Though Rex came of a family of fighters yet he never started any fight himself with any dog. But whenever some other dog started the fight he taught him a lesson. He always caught the ear of his opponent and never left it easily, once fire brigade had to be called to separate him from another dog.Rex was powerful dog. He could lift and transfer heavy objects from one place to another. Once he brought a very large table to home. He did not bite anyone during the ten years of his life. He only baked at the thieves and strangers of doubtful character.

Rex was a great jumper also. He could very easily jump over an eight foot high wall. Swimming was his favourite hobby. He could swim upstream and downstream with equal ease. He could easily bring sticks and other things out of water.Rex never ran barking after buses and wagons. He never wasted time in running after the impossible. He had his own psychology about such things. He did kill cats but killed them neatly.

He was so brave that even he fought with death for full one hour. One afternoon he came home with staggering steps. He had been beaten mercilessly by the owner of some other dog. He fell down licking the hands of the writer and his brother. One of his masters was not at home. He waited for him for half an hour in a miserable condition. At last the person came. Rex ran towards him, touched his hands, fell down and died.Rex is dead and is no more in this world. But the writer still has unforgettable memories of him.

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