What Are The Common Causes Of Failure Of Boys In College By H.E. Hawkes.


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Here are the following common reasons:
The boy who is made to study those subjects in which he is not interested, he may be ambitious of being a theatrical manager, a painter or a businessman. But his parents want him to become a doctor or an engineer. Ambition is the right of the student himself, so the parents must not impose their will upon him.

The most pitiable boy is the very bright boy who has never learnt to work seriously. He has shown good results in the school without much hard work. So he thinks that things are easy for him in college as well. But this is his miss-understanding. In college he has to blend his native intelligence with hard work to go as a successful student.

The boy who does not try is the one who whiles away his time in extracurricular activities. He forgets his main objective to enter college. Then there are a few lazy bluffers who drift into college and drift out again. They have really no aim before them.

The question of health, both physical and mental is another reason for failure. If a boy is suffering from an illness, he cannot take full interest in his studies. The college authorities must point out his trouble. He should get treatment first as there is no substitute for health.

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