How Are Boys' Educational Needs Different From Girls'?


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Of course, a lot can be taught the same for girls and boys.

That said, it's generally accepted that boys' brains develop a bit later than girls. Some American school districts are enlightened enough about this to encourage boys to start school (on average) 6 months later. Also, most boys (especially young boys) learn much better through kinetics (motion) than by sitting and listening or doing detailed work.

Another big problem for boys in school is lack of role models. For girls who aren't receiving a lot of support at home for their academic achievements, there are countless role models in the schools, in the form of adult women teachers. But men have been put off entering the profession in large part. Either because of fears of accusations of inappropriate contact, or because it's seen as a 'sissy' choice ("Real men don't teach".).

The lack of value on academic learning for boys is especially strong in some ethnic minority groups, not so much in the home but among the social circles. Masculinity (in these subgroups) must be demonstrated through acts of bravado, not by sitting still and listening like a girl.

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In an all girl school dram plus the other sex has different viewpoints
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Well this is a personal choice thing but I feel this is right at the time where girls and boys are learning how to get on with each other and feel its best all round to not go to a single gender school.
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There is no time for the genders so socialise which leads to a unbalanced opinions about one another. Overall its kinda bad.

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