How does online education differ from traditional education?


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Online education can be seen as easier, and it's less effort on the teacher's side, however it depends how you look at it, it can be more effort as you'd have to use more technology and if there's a teacher marking work they'd have to upload worksheets and download and mark your given work online.. Etc, so you may be stuck with teachers that aren't experienced enough? Also online education is definitely modern and people like new and different things so it attracts a lot of people too although it doesn't always provide the same benefits as you're not really socializing, you're just sitting on a computer and submitting work, and that may be seen as a problem in this society as so many young people are already spending most of their time online and on network sites so it can be seen as encouraging young people to go online more which people and parents already have an issue with. We like traditional ways, it shows more prosperity and intuition, people born in the early 60's or whatever compared to people who are born in this modern day aren't seen as clever because we have everything on our plate really, we have the internet and we have certain educational programs for those who cannot cope with higher education when in those days nobody had these opportunities. So I say traditional education is better in some sense as you have the teacher for guidance and they are in reach so there wouldn't be a problem and plus the teacher can build a relationship with you and get to know you better and understand your learning needs and habits, if any.
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On line education is less communal than traditional, more robotic than personal, less exciting than a traditional team. A classroom of friends would be heaven sent, compared to learning at home all alone.
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Traditional education approach is teaching simply through textbooks. However, in online education, teaching is done through a teacher sitting at distant places. Through this, one teacher can teach a lot of students at the same time. Moreover, this removes the geographical barrier. Hope you get the basic difference between traditional and online education.
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Traditional education is teaching merely through books.Whereas, online education is far more interesting as it provides a lot of options to gain knowledge from. Online education has an edge over traditional methods of studying as the former removes the geographical barriers which the latter is not capable of doing. Moreover, online education is an upcoming trend which has over powered the traditional approach of education.
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Well that was a load of unpunctuated, badly-written nonsense wasn't it? Honorary degrees are almost always equally nonsensical.
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Online education differs much from the traditional, there is
allot difference in both. For traditional education a student should travel to
a school and attend the class physically. These days bullying is the greater
problem in the public or traditional school but coming to online schools it
eliminates the stress of travelling to the school which is far away from your
stay place. It eliminates the stress of attending the class in a 4 walled
classroom and in between a crowd of people. Through online schooling a student
can login from the home itself and then they can access the school, classes and
study materials online. It gives greater flexibility to attend the class at any
time from any place. For traditional school, a student should stay in the
school for a fixed time but for online schooling. This is the reason I have
enrolled my child in an Ogburn Online School.

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Hello, one of the reasons why online learning is better is that you are not tied to a place, so even during country holidays and long trips, the learning process will not be interrupted. Now there are special services for example on you can take online tutoring in any subject at any time, regardless of your location.

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