What are some advantages of online education?


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There are lots of advantages when you are learning online.

Some of them are:

  • You can save your money - there are lots of online courses for free
  • Variety - you can choose from thousands or even millions different online courses that suit your needs
  • Scheduling - you can always attend such online courses when you have free time
  • Trust - modern companies are hiring people that have finished online courses and received their certificates or diplomas.
  • And much, much more.

I would recommend you to check this infographic that shows TOP 10 advantages of online education.

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Adela Belin
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You are so right about the advantages! I would also like to add that one of the universities in US noticed that their online program was showing better results, than their face-to-face class. Thanks for using this infographic! PS originally it was posted here https://writersperhour.com ;)
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If you don't want to be surrounded by other students for some reason, an online education may be the way to go. Someone with transportation issues might also choose an online education. Then again, if you're agoraphobic, like one of my relatives was for about 12 years, and you're afraid of leaving the house, you might have a medical reason for getting an online education.

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Broad Kenny , http://www.learningslot.com/, answered

benefit in taking online courses is that they give flexibility to the trainees.
This is a great option for those who already have a prior time commitment with
family and work. Online classes will help with your schedule - log in to your
online course at a time that works and study at your own convenience to attend
a lecture at a specific time. Getting on the degree educational direction
that’s right for you is a large decision for many - and now not something to
take casually. As employers demand more competencies from staff, the demand of
online Training packages has multiplied in popularity. Correctly, inside the
USA, 6.7 million scholars enrolled in at the least one on-line education —an
increase of more than 500,000 scholars in comparison to previous years. Through
individual, corporate, tutorial desires, individuals have entry to the
educational Slot engaging, prime-notch guides tutored by using acceded industry
authorities. There are plenty of approaches to master new matters and online
coaching is one in all them. You have got to clear the doubts about some great
benefits of on-line coaching. They're the sizeable source of obtaining talents
in a self-paced manner.

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You can study whenever you are free, no pressure of attending the institute on regular basis.

And another top point which is not available in a regular university, is available of online student help forums where seniors or alumni help out juniors.

Another plus point is availability of helping material online such as solved past papers, assignment solving guidance, notes, question answers etc.

So as I am also a student of online education, I am a big pro of it.

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You don't need to leave your house, allows you to work around your schedule. You'll also save money by not driving or taking a bus/subway/train. The benefits are huge. I think the reason why most, if not all people don't take online courses is because some people want that "college" experience.  I went to UNC- University of North Carolina and the student life their was awesome. But if your main objective is academics then online courses are the way to go.
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There is lot of demand and scope for Online education. Online education even has many advantages. For this you just need 24*7 internet facility.
How to make best use of online education
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