Why Do Boys Fail College Exams?


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Boys don't all fail college exams - in fact many of them perform rather well at college.

However, it is accurate to say that women, as a whole, outperform men in terms of educational attainment.

In both the US and the UK, women account for a larger percentage of university or college graduates, and they also tend to outnumber men in enrolment for high-status subjects such as law or medicine.

Why do boys perform worse than girls in exams?
There's no real explanation for why guys seem to fare worse in exams, although there are certainly many theories about this subject.

One argument is that males become more distracted than women once they hit puberty, due to their biology. Hormonal changes are often blamed for this phenomenon.

Another theory is that men have a shorter attention span and less motivation to succeed. This claim is not backed up by scientific evidence, but neverthless remains a popular perception.

Do women do better than men in education?
According to studies undertaken by the US Department of Education, the following key facts separate the genders when it comes to education:

  • Men are less likely to obtain a bachelor's degree.
  • Of those that do, fewer men complete their degrees within the first four years of study.
  • Men tend to achieve lower grades than women, across the board.

These assertions are based a study examining men from various different races and socio-economic backgrounds, thus excluding these factors from influencing males' educational performance.

For more information, I'd certainly recommend you read this New York Times article about women leaving men 'in the dust' in terms of college performance.

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