How To Round Off To The Nearest Hundred Thousand?


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1. Identify the ten thousand digit in your number.
2. If this digit is 5 or more, add 100,000 to your number
3. Replace the ten thousand digit and all digits to its right by 0.

Examples 1,268,342 rounds to 1,300,000 because 6 ≥ 5
649,999 rounds to 600,000 because 4 < 5
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You count the number from the right to left.

One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand.

123564756 the hundred thousand will be at the 5 once you find that, look to the right of the 5 if the number to the right of the 5 is 5 or higher, you increase the number in the hundred thousand by 1 and make ever other number to the right 0 hence 123,600,000 if the number to the right not higher then 5 then nothing is added by one and everything still becomes 0 thus 123,500,000. I really hope you got that

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