Can You Round The Number 43,678.426785 To The Nearest Ten Thousand.?


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Your number is 43,678.426785

ten thousand 4
thousands 2
hundreds 6
tens 7
ones 8
Decimal point
tenths 4
hundredths 2
one thousandths 6
ten thousandths 7

Rounded to the nearest ten thousand is 40000

Are you sure (with a number like this) it wasn't to round to the nearest ten thousandth?  If this is the case your number would be 43,678.4268

the 7 would become 8 as the next number 8 is > 5

I hope this helps
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My apologies, I did not see the decimal point. Rounding the entire number 43,678.426,785 to the nearest ten thousand gives you 40,000. (the thousands place is less than 5, so the 4 stands, and when you round a number, all the rest is lost, or set to 0.  Thus, the number becomes simply 40,000
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43,678.426785 has a 3 in the thousands place, and 3 is less than 5, so the number is rounded without changing the digit in the ten-thousands place.


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