When An American Citizen Adopts A Child From Another Country As Their Kid, The Adopted Kid Will Become An American Citizen Too, Right?


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After you petition for naturalization and go through that legal process. Check with the agency and your attorney first.
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Under the law enacted in 2000, if you meet certain requirements, then the American citizen's adopted child from another country is automatically an American citizen too. It is not Naturalization, the child receives a Certificate of Citizenship..... very different from Naturalization certificate.
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Yes, the adopted child is automatically an American citizen under a law enacted in 2000. If the adoptive parent can show on their passport that they visited the child's country at least once before returning to bring the child him, then the child is automatically a citizen when you both land in America.
There is paperwork to fill out with the USCIS (the American Immigration department people)-- you can find this online. And, when you and the child enter America, you have to hand the customs officer the sealed envelope you received from the embassy.
You get this envelope containing all of the information pertaining to your newly adopted child at the American embassy in the country where you are adopting from during your last visit (the "pickup visit). You pay the fees and leave with a sealed envelope that you cannot open. This is what you give to the customs officer when you land in America.
You can later request the contents of this envelope to be returned to you from USCIS. You can find the forms online on their website.
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