Can You Give Me 10 Defination Literature?


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Literature refers to the figurative language as a tool to reflect the objective reality of the arts, including drama, poetry, novels, essays, etc., is an important cultural manifestations in different forms (called the genre) the performance of inner feelings and reproduction of a certain period of and a certain geographic social life.
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The usual definition is "the art of composition in prose or verse" according to Chambers dictionary.It also means the whole body of written work in a language or culture - English literature, Japanese literature and so on.A common definition is prose (especially fiction) plays and poetry.Anything printed, including informative writing, can be called literature.Generally "good" writing is thought of as literature, eg "Dan Brown is not exactly literature."Writing on a given subject (including scientific), eg "There is plenty of literature about this disease."

Academic writing generally.Knowledge or culture connected with the written word.Broadly, any writing connected with the humanities, that is, not scientific or technical, can come into the literature category. This is why essays, philosophical writing and so on, are often studied in literature classes.Occasionally letters, diaries and other private writings are also classed as literature; although normally, literature is writing intended for publication.

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