How To Rewrite With A Rational Exponent ∜18?


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In order to rewrite with rational exponents, it helps to know the definition of any rational exponent, namely: If q and p are integers, q does not equal zero and b is a real, positive number, then bp/q equals (^q√b)p equals ^q√bp. The definition of b1/4 is ^4√b, because (b1/4)4 equals b.
Therefore, to rewrite with a rational exponent, the expression ^4√18 can be rewritten as 18(1/4), or 181/4.

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(squareroot3mn) to the 3rd power how to rewrite with rational exponent
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A fourth root is the same as a one-fourth power.
18^(1/4) (note that the parentheses are needed when written in this form)
It can also be written using superscripts

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