I Want To No How To Write About Myself,can You Help Me?


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To write about ones self is to be honest about yourself and your own true feelings. Forget about flowering it up and making yourself bigger and better then others, it's about getting in touch with yourself and who you really are. People accept for who you are - not what you are. Don't go gushy or dark and dramatic, that can be a turn off. Just be honest, open and make them laugh if you can. You know yourself the best.
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That is right never make up a story about yourself for you to be popular just write about you what do you do for a living and so on. Just write about you and be honest
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This is omkar mankame. I am studding in f.y.bsc(it) from N.K.T. College. I like to know people. My aim is to become a one of the best IT engineer but my H.S.C. Marks are not eligible for engineering. I like to play chess & cricket. I am not interested in studies but I know study is important in my life for my good future.

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