I want to write a letter to my nephew as if its from super mario but have no idea how to start it or what to write as I know nothing about mario please help?


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Hey, it's me, Mario! Luigi and I have been busy with Coopa but I wanted to drop you a line.

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Yo Kass answered

What a great question! I LOVED playing Super Mario when I was younger, so I can totally relate to your nephew.

As Mathew mentioned above, you've got to start the letter with "it's me, Mario!" - that's pretty much all Mario ever says to be honest.

Here's a sound clip to refer to:

Mario has a really stereotypical Italian-American accent, so it might help voicing the letter out in his accent (in your head or aloud) when writing it.

I'd go with something similar to what Mathew posted to be honest, mention his best friend Luigi

His arch-nemesis King Koopa

Other interesting facts about Mario that you could use in your letter are that:

  • He's a plumber
  • He's from Brooklyn
  • He has a friend who is a small mushroom called "Toad"
  • His mission is to protect Princess Peach (who was formerly known as Princess Toadstool)

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Miranda Innaimo , super cousin, answered

My cousin loves Mario, so for his birthday, we wrapped his present in green tissue paper, drew a 1-up mushroom, pasted that to the front; and then wrote a card with a picture of Princess Toadstool on the front; the note read:

Happy Birthday J-

Help! I am trapped in Bowers castle and i need you to use this present to figure out a way to rescue me. Please be careful.



The present was an electricity kit, and my cousin nearly swooned at the receiving of the gift.  He was so sure he could build something to rescue the fictitious princess.

Hope this helps!

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