What Are The Parts Of The Speech Mechanism And Its Function?


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The human speech mechanism consists of a system that runs between the lungs, larynx and articulators. The lung provides sufficient air to stimulate the vocal cords, which begin to vibrate. Airflow is moved to the vocal folds, where it is segmented into sounds that are then refined by the muscular larynx. Various parts in the mouth and tongue are used as filters to make sounds louder or softer, depending on messages received from the brain.

  • Speech-related problems
Problems related to speech include stuttering; recently, a critically acclaimed film, The King's Speech, dealt with the social and psychological ramifications of having this speech disorder. The main character, who was the King of England, felt stifled and ashamed of his stuttering, and sought out treatment from an unorthodox therapist, played by Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush.

This film revealed the importance of speech, which is often taken for granted by those who have no problems making sounds at will. Today, there are new therapies for treating problems related to the speech mechanism.

  • Speech therapy careers
If you're interested in a career in medicine or speech therapy, you will need to take courses that detail the processes and parts of the speech mechanism system; you will also need to consider the problems and afflictions that can affect these parts of the body, such as stuttering or laryngitis.

Learning how to care for people with speech mechanism difficulties is a great way to spend your workday doing something worthwhile. Taking science and math classes in high school is a great way to get the qualifications you need to study speech therapy or medicine at college or university.

The local library will have lots of books you can read that shed more light on the entire speech mechanism system. You may also find videos and online tutorials that help you understand this important physical system.

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