What are the seven parts of speech,and how are they commonly misused?


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The seven basic parts of speech in English include:

1. Nouns
2. Pronouns
3. Verbs
4. Adjectives
5. Adverbs
6. Prepositions
7. Conjunctions

Nouns are typically used as the subject of a sentence. Pronouns are similar to proper nouns without specific identification. They can be used in place of nouns as the subject of a sentence or as the object of a sentence, They can also be used to show possession. A verb describes an action the subject takes or links the subject to another descriptive word or clause. An adjective is a descriptive word that pertains to a noun or pronoun. An adverb is similar to an adjective except that it is descriptive of a verb. A preposition is a connecting device that links nouns, pronouns or verbs with other information pertinent to them. A conjunction is another connecting device that differs from prepositions in that it does not necessarily connect a word to other information about it. "This but not that," would be an example in which but and not are conjunctions and do not link to any more information about this or that. Verbs can be misused by not matching tense. Pronouns can be misused by not matching gender or plurality. Adverbs and adjectives can be misused by not matching forms. "Careful" and "carefully" are two forms of the same word that could be used in the wrong manner as either adverbs or adjectives.

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