Explain the role of verbs and nouns. Describe their usage and the most common ways they are misused?


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Like Ray said, a verb describes an action, something you do or have done or even will do. A noun is used to tell of a person, place or thing.
Examples - "I will run to the store to get some milk." Run being the verb, milk and store being the nouns. However I have never misused either so maybe you should use Rays example.
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No, a noun is the name of a thing - see previous comment. It "tells of" nothing.
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A verb is an action word. - Eat, kill smile, think. - A noun is a naming word. Cat, Elephant, Interpolation, Instransigence.

With verbs, the worst misuse is with tenses (usually). I have seen "I eated it" when the correct form is "I ate it". Nouns are less misused, but are sometimes confused with verbs and vice versa. A common expression is "That's a big ask" - ask is a verb - what they probably meant was "That's a big question" - question is a noun. I'm sure you can think of even better examples.
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Sorry I have to correct you, a noun is a person place or thing, not a "naming" word....
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Wrong, whoever you are - the very word noun means name. Go away and learn English properly.

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