What Are The Three Dimensions To Business Problems?


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The three dimensions to business problems are people, technology and organization. Each of these can provide a business with difficult problems that it cannot overcome quickly or easily.

Examples of organizational problems include poorly orchestrated business processes that have usually been inherited from the past, an unsupportive culture, big changes to the organization’s surrounding environment and political in-fighting.

Example of people problems are usually quite straightforward, including inadequate employee training, encountering difficulties when it comes to evaluating performances or the evaluations not being strong enough, ergonomics and poor equipment, regulatory and legal compliance, poor or weak management lead by indecisive people and poor employee support.

Technology problems, like people problems, are usually self explanatory. Technology problems that a business could encounter are computers or hardware that are aged and therefore do not work correctly, outdated software that needs replacing, a shortage of database capacity that creates problems for everyone, insufficient telecommunications and the possibility of old equipment not working well with newer hardware. Although many of these problems can be rectified quite easily, the cost of doing so can soon mount up.

Once you, the business manager or director, understands these problems, then you can start to correct them. In order to do these you will need to gather all the necessary information such as colleting facts and interviewing people. You may also need skills such as critical thinking if you are really going to solve this problem for good. There are also four steps that you can follow in order to correct any of the above business problems. Firstly you need to identify each unique problem and work on them individually so you don’t split your focus. Secondly, you need to design your solution. This is where all the information you gathered will come in handy. The third step is choice. And the final step is to implement the information system solution.
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The three dimensions to business problems are; Organization, People, and Technology.
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Organization, people, technology
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