Where Are The Result Of Part 1?


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The results of Part One have now been announced, and information on the subject can be viewed by following the link below:

• Results of D.comm Part One

The results of the 2010 class studying the Diploma in Commerce, Part One, have been overwhelmingly positive with 56 per cent of candidates receiving a pass mark. These candidates are well on their way to achieving the full diploma, which is a valuable qualification to have in the work environment of the 21st Century. The Punjab Board of Technical Education (the PBTE) announced that Miss Aumat ul Mateen Noor, from the Commerce Institute, received the highest mark of all those taking the exam with 1042 points. In second place was Miss Mafia Safdar with 1016 points, and in third place was Mr. Muhammad Ahmed with 1009 points.

Overall, 41,947 students sat the Diploma of Commerce annual exam, with 24,282 of these candidates passing. Those who failed to achieve the pass mark will generally not be allowed to complete the second part of the diploma, although this depends upon personal circumstances.

• Technical education and qualifications

Technical qualifications are becoming more and more relevant in today's workplace, as employers look for those with the necessary skills to complete a job rather than those with the highest standard of academic education. It has come to the attention of many that those who have found widespread success in the academic world don't particularly find similar success in work, due to the differing demands of the two fields. For this reason, qualifications that show a person's aptitude in a particular area are becoming more popular. Girls as well as boys are completing these new qualifications, paving the way to a diverse future workplace where skilled workers can reach their individual potential.
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It had announced yesterday

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