How Do I Go About Becoming A CDL Trainer?


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First of all, as it would suggest, you have to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) yourself in order to teach it.  A CDL is required in the USA in order to operate vehicles with a gross weight of 26,001 lbs or possibly more if it is a vehicle that transports passengers, heavy hazardous materials in large quantities or a tow truck. A CDL instructor prepares students to become responsible drivers without having to do any of the daylong driving themselves, although you must have some experience as a truck driver, at least three years is acceptable. You must have a clean driving license and record for obvious professional reasons, there would be serious doubts upon your ability to teach well, if you yourself were unable to drive within the constraints of the law, so no violations or tickets!
As part of the training, you will need to develop your understanding of the CDL procedures and Department of transportation laws.  As a teacher you will impart that knowledge and you will also learn how to develop the curriculum and impart your skills and expertise as a qualified professional to a classroom full of students.  You will teach skills including map reading, trip planning and how to safely and properly operate a truck which will include turning, backing, road driving and hooking a trailer. There are also advanced driving techniques that you yourself will be advanced in such as skid avoidance and correcting the vehicle, hydroplaning and what to do when a trailer has broken away.  The purpose of the training will be the ability to help potential truck drivers pass the written and skills test and prove to have skills up and beyond any non-commercial driver.

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