Where Did You Get All Of Penn Foster Answers E.g. 39090400?


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Hi there

I would highly appreciate if you sent me  this is Auto Repair technician exams answers.

Thanks in advance

00480301 (Practical Exercise Pack 3)
00480400 (Practical Exercise Pack 4)
00481700 (Practical Exercise Pack 5)
00480601 (Practical Exercise Pack 6)
00401402 (Steering/Wheel Alignment)
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Seeking answers to Penn Foster exams online is a violation of the honor code. Violators will be dismissed from the school. If you need assistance call your instructor on the toll-free phone lines.
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WOW I did my exams with a lot of trial and error but I did it and I passed. So I am OK.
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You can buy ALL the answers to highschool fro 19.95 ! :D

its been 4 months and I'm about to get my diploma:D
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All the question can be found in the study guide that the school provided to you, If you still need help contact the school, or If you are enrolled I a high school program through Penn Foster I can help you, just contact me besimokic24 at gmail.com

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