Does Chief Sitting Bull Have Any Surviving Relatives?


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Of course
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My mother told me that her father (my grandpa) told her that his grandfather was the half breed son of sitting bull. Who the mother was I have no idea, but it's awesome to know I'm related to a famous indian!
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Sitting Bull's daughter fled south from Bullhead to the Oglalas. It is there she continued to raise her family. Yes there are lineal descendants of Sitting Bull still registered at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
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My father and grandmother has told me of Sitting Bull's daughter. She was taken by an Irish immigrant to be a slave at 14. She then married him. My grandmother's grandmother is the one her told her about it. She was supposedly the daughter of Sitting Holy. I am somehow related to Sitting Bull through my father. For the truth I would like to have a DNA blood test and it be compared to Sitting Bull's DNA if it is still available.
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I have found out I am related to Sitting bull, on my mothers side , my grandmothers mothers maiden name was Kinder from the Lakota Tribe, I am mixed with African and Native American, and African/Cherokee from my dads side.
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Im actually related to him on my grandmothers side and my grandfathers grandfather was born in the 1800"s and my grandma was born in 1913...
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Chief Sitting Bull is said to have had only two children. His son Crow Foot died with him when officers gunned them down in a bungled arrest attempt in December 1890. Not much is known about the fate of his daughter Sitting Holy. If he has no direct descendants this does not mean he has no surviving relatives ~ not in the Sioux sense anyway. One of the most damning insults available in that culture is to say, "You live as if you have no relatives." The Lakota people, to which any of Chief Sitting Bull's relatives would be linked by blood believe that every living thing is interconnected. In this philosophy we are all related. One interesting angle being explored is the possibility of a Manchester branch of the Lakota people. Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, which include many of Sitting Bull's people, stayed on chilly Salford Quays for five months in 1890. Could any local people nowadays carry a hint of Sioux blood?

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