Can I Study Post Bsc Nursing In Australia After My Diploma In Nursing?


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Yes, you should be able to transfer to Australia to study a post BSc degree in Nursing if you have already received your diploma.
You will need to do a lot of research if you are transferring to study to another country. This will include the fees that you will have to pay, any grants, bursaries or subsidiaries that you may be given, your accommodation arrangements when you get over there and, if applicable, any extra qualifications or entrance exams that you will have to take. Each University or college will also have different entry requirements, although it is unlikely that this will vary by much.
If you are unsure on how to start the process of transferring, the talk your school’s guidance counsellor or get in touch with a careers office. Not only will they be able to advise you, they will also be able to put you in contact with the right people.
Once you have done this, it is time to start researching which school you would like to study in over in Australia. Get organised and make yourself a list with different headings of all the things that are important to you such as cost, location, entry requirements, nightlife etc. Then give them a rating of how much you like them out of 10.
When you have picked your favourites, get in touch with the school’s individual administration office and let them know that you have an interest in coming to that school. They will probably then tell you the application process and deadlines and whether or not you will have to pass an interview.
The careers office or counsellor should have also given you information regarding fees and how to apply for them. Once you have applied to study at the schools, it will be time to take care of the finance.

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