Which Courses Available After Bsc Nursing Except Msc Nursing?


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There are a number of options available to those studying BSC Nursing. Although these options do include the MSC Nursing option, other options are MBA, MBBS, MS, MD and some PG courses, in addition to pursuing a number of jobs straight out of your BSC Nursing course.


An MBA is not, per say, a nursing degree. MBA stands for Master in Business Administration, and prepares students for the world of business management. Both theoretical and practical tuition is available in fields such as human resources, finance, marketing and accounting. Those who choose to study and MBA after their BSC Nursing course may pursue career paths such as healthcare management or nursing management, as MBA degrees typically lead to positions as high as CEO.


An MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. This degree course originated in the United Kingdom but is not studied and practiced in countries such as America, Australia and China. The course is usually up to six years in duration, and often leads to further study, such as an MD or MS.


An MS stands for a Master of Science, whilst an MD is a Masters Degree. Both of these can be specialized in some way to suit your nursing background. An MD in nursing will provide you with both practical and theoretical knowledge to further you nursing career, and usually entails a four year course. A Master of Science in Nursing often leads to occupations such as clinical advisor, healthcare advisor, midwife, anesthetist and practice nurse.

• PG/PG Dip

PG, or PG Dip, stands for Postgraduate Diploma. In nursing, a PG Dip is usually taken after a course such as a BSC, and often leads to occupations such as mental health research and care, nursing careers and public health.
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