How Do You Know If A Value Is A Solution For Inequality? How Is This Different From Determining If A Value Is A Solution To An Equation? If Yo Replace The Equal Sign Of An Equation With An Inequality Sign, Is There Ever A Time When The Same Value Wil


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A value that can be different is classed as an answer with inequality, whilst a solution is an answer that is definite.

  • Example 1
If a math problem states that x + 4 = 7, then it is pretty obvious that the x in the equation is equal to 3. If the = is changed to > then the answer will be different, as x + 4 > 7, means that the x can be any number that is higher than 3, but not 3 itself. This is because 3 + 4 = 7, and is not classed as greater than seven, in this case it is a solution that can be classed as having inequality.

  • Inequality
The easiest way to differentiate between equations and inequalities is to remember that inequalities will have multiple solutions, whilst equations have unique solutions.

  • Example 2
If a math problem states that x - 4 = 8, then the value of x must be 12. If the sum is made into an inequality, such as x - 4 > 8, then x can be any number higher than 12. This means that any solution from 13 upwards can be given as the answer, and that the solution is classed as unequal.

These questions and solutions are part of the study of mathematics, which itself is the study of quantity and structure. Patterns are normally present in mathematical solutions, although this is not always the case, especially in the case of unequal answers, as the only constant is that the answer can be one of many.
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One value is either equal to or not equal to another value. Such as "2 is equal to 2" or "4 is not equal to 1". If you bring variables into the equation, that will change depending on the variable values. X can be equal to Y if X and Y are both equal to 2. X is not equal to Y if X is equal to 4 and Y is equal to 1. When you start talking about decimals and rounding, that's a completely different ballgame.

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