Where Do I Find A Sample Action Research Plan?


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You will find a sample action research plan at the following link: techstudentblog.blogspot.com/2010/08/sample-action-research-
The following are also the sections you should have in the plan.

  • Setting the foundation
In this section you will need to explain the research you plan to conduct. It will determine the principle methods of how to achieve the goals you have in mind. This way you are able to make the exact nature of the research clear in order to have a good foundation to show the rest of the action research plan that you are implementing, whether it is on the topic of education or something else.

  • Analysis of data
In this section, one will mention the type of data that will be collected such as interviews or surveys. Once the data has been listed an analysis of the various data that was located will be conducted in order to determine whether the foundation for the action plan will actually work out.

  • Development of understanding
It is necessary to show if the process will provide understanding. In an action plan most often the design of the research is to have something that everyone can understand. In this section the data is used to show whether the plan will actually work in a real world scenario.

  • Self reflection
Self reflection is necessary in order to look over the action plan to see if there is any issue with it. Furthermore, in this section one will post about themselves and what they know in order to prove the validity of the action plan. A person that has no background for the action plan can actually create a worse situation. This is why it is necessary to provide professional information.

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