Where Do I Find Sample Action Research On Math?


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It is not really possible to look at examples of action research without understanding the process and what it is designed to achieve in education.  However, defining what the process actually is can provide different answers depending on who you ask.

Action research is basically the theory that teaching techniques can be advanced by learning from current problems or mistakes in the current process. It could almost be seen as a research method into how a teacher or education board feel they are achieving and how they may be able to improve.

The method was first seen in the USA in the 50s due to a desire for more knowledge of the teaching process and has since grown in popularity amongst teachers and councilors. Action research allows teachers to share knowledge that has been gained in the classroom with others in different subjects or educational fields.

An example of a teacher or teachers using action research could be taken from many areas of teaching, but for the sake of this answer it is best to make it as simplistic as possible:
  • Firstly, the teacher needs to identify the problem; this is the hardest step, maybe it is that children find math boring, for example.
  • The teacher would then gather data which may support their concern about child attention in class.
  • This data should be examined and analyzed amongst other colleagues and members of staff.
  • Teachers would then act on their findings, maybe create games in the math class such as bingo to make it more interesting and educational for pupils.
  • Teachers would then see if their actions had made for a better atmosphere in the classroom and more importantly grades had improved.

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