What Are Sample Science Action Research In The Philippines Education?


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If you have a look at this site, you will be able to find some science action research samples for the Philippines'' education system:

Historically, the Philippines led the way in many areas when it came to education in Asia. The oldest vocational schools, colleges and universities, as well as the first modern public education in Asia were created here, making Filipinos the best educated people throughout the continent, but sadly, this is no longer the case today.

Statistics show that almost a third of the Philippines' elementary aged population is not getting an adequate education at all. Filipino children can enter the education system from the age of four, beginning with nursery school. At the age of seven, they should begin their elementary education, but the latest figures show that 27.82 per cent either do not attend at all, or they do not complete this part of their education.

There are a few different reasons for this including the lack of any schools local to the children; the education that is available being offered in a language that the children do not understand; or the lack of money. In 2009, the Department of Education ordered that all elementary schools should move towards teaching all subjects in the mother tongue of the Philippines, initially. Depending upon the approved plan adopted by the school, Filipino and English languages are to be phased in beginning in the third and fourth grades.

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