What Does A Student Council Treasurer Do?


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A treasurer is someone who is in charge of the treasury, or the money, in an organisation. A student council treasurer must be extremely good at maths and dealing with money. They must be good at counting and keeping track of money, recording expenditure in an organised and efficient way by entering it into a database. Most importantly, a student treasurer must be trust-worthy.
It is possible that your student treasury could have large sums of money which need to be kept safe and well accounted for. The treasurer will have the responsibility of distributing the money as they see fit, usually with the approval of a team of people when large sums of money are involved. This means that the treasurer must be sensible in their spending habits and thoroughly research projects and spending before any money is distributed. The treasurer can have an extremely difficult job because they need to understand everyone else’s job in order to understand who required money and when they will need it. This is particularly important to ensure that one area of a student team is not given an unnecessary amount of money, leaving another area without enough money to perform adequately.
A student treasurer will often be a student who has an interest in pursuing a career in accounting as this is excellent work experience for them as they are given responsibility and trust while they are still studying and gives them the opportunity to work in an accounting environment without the pressures of an actually business situation.
Some of the main duties of a student treasurer will be to organise budgets for school proms and manage the accounts at fund raising events. They will then work with a close team, which may involve teachers, to decide how the funds will be spent.
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A treasurer is in charge of the financial matters of an organization.  Making sure they don't use up all of the money.  This might be money for dances or pizza parties etc.  Receipts must be kept and the treasurer will probably report to the whole council a brief summary of expenses and income etc.
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A treasurer is someone who is in charge of the money they make as in like fundraisers

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A treasurer takes in the money and keeps track of it, much like a bank

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