During Sex What Causes The Sperm From A Man To Fall Out Of The Female?


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I think you should try propping you legs up on the wall or use a pillow under you bottom
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I had the same question, try putting a pillow under your bottom.
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Gravity causes the sperm to come back out. Just think of it as trying to drink somethin while you are upside down, it will want to come out of your nose instead of going into your stomach.
actually the real truth of the matter is that the female eggs bite off the heads of the spermasites and so they flee out due to fear !
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Look if you want to cum on a this,put icy hot on your balls it will give you burning sensations but this will strengthen your spermicide and the when your ready to nut in a girl eat bananas and rub your penis at the same time the you bone the girl.its a good thing to do I do it.

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