Write Whether The Fraction Is Closer To 0, 1/2, Or 1: 1. 8/17; 2. 22/24; 3. 2/31;4. 13/30;5. 1/12?


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Before you go any further, please ask your child's teacher if she wants you, the parent, to check your child's homework.
Why do you feel you should do this? Especially if you are not well-versed in the subject? You will be doing more harm than good.
Just encourage your child to try her best working on her homework, on her own. Provide a suitable environment so she is not distracted.
Getting a good grade is not the reason she goes to school. She must understand the lessons, not just finishing her assignments.

If you must know, the answer is No. 3, at 0.0645 it is closest to 0. But knowing the correct answer is totally useless if she does not know the how and why. That is the lesson.
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You didn't answer the question Dext. The question asked her to determine wheter each fraction was closer to 0, 1/2, or 1 not which was closer to 0. Know the question will also help!
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The solution for your problem is very simple. Since you have to check your daughters homework, the easiest thing to do would be to use a calculator. You can check with its help what are the fractions close to .e.g
1.8/17 is equal to 0.105 , Thus it is closer to 0
2.22/24 is equal to 0.09, which is also closer to 0
so on and so forth.
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1.  O  2.

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