How Do Write A Descriptive Paragraph?


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An easy way to write a descriptive paragraph is to put a "describing word" in front of the adjective or subject... The adjective or subject will be many things such as girl, blonde, arm, car...or when something is moving you say "how" it's moving... I.e.: Dog ran fast, cat slept quietly, I walked quickly,
So when you see those words put a "describing word before it. So a normal sentance would look like this:
I was walking in the park to catch my dog who ran to find the frisbee.
A Descriptive sentence would then be:
I was frantically walking in the park to catch my disobedient dog who quickly ran to find the red frisbee.
See how I put a descriptive word in front of each "subject"
Or if you're talking about characteristics like blonde, fat, skinny... You need to ask yourself HOW fat, HOW skinny, and HOW blonde.... And whatever word comes to mind is the one you put before it.

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