What Is The Percentage Of 1/50?


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The answer is two per cent. This is because there are 100 units in 100 per cent. In the world of mathematics, a percentage is just one of the many ways of expressing a number as a fraction of 100. Per cent is the way of expressing the fraction, and comes from the Latin meaning ‘per hundred’. The percentage is generally denoted in mathematics and other areas with the percent sign, which is ‘%’. It may, however, be denoted through the use of the abbreviation ‘pct’. For instance, if we have 40% (which is read as forty per cent), this will be equal to either 0.45 or 45/100.

Percentages are generally used in order to express the size of something, such as how large or small one particular quantity is in relation to another particular amount. It doesn’t matter whether one quantity is 100 or not, the quantity will still be represented as 100. This means that if there are 10 sweets, and you took away one sweet, the 10 sweets would still be represented as 100. This is to standardise everything.

The first quantity in question will usually represent a part of, or a change in the next quantity. This should be greater than zero. For instance, if we see an increase of £0.15 on an overall price of £2.50, there will be an increase by 0.15/2.50. This means that there is an increase of 0.6. Expressed as a percentage, there is a six per cent increase in the previous lower price.

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