What Is The Square Root Of 150?


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It is very easy to find sqaure roots. 150 is not a perfect square so its square root will be in decimals. The answer by using a calculator is 12.25. You can use the link below for finding square root answers, till you find a calculator:
Sqrt calculator
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Yes 150 doesn't have an exact square root

144 is the nearest number to 150 which has a square root as a whole number and that is 12.
169 the next following number with 13 as square root....

So if you don't have/or not allowed to use calculator then the answer you can asume to be in between 12 and 13

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I posted to the wrong- question (where some one wanted the factors)

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The square root of 150
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Genius, go to and type in this: Sqrt of 150

you'll get the answer.

If you have internet access, you have a calculator.

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