How Do You Solve Percent Proportions?


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12 is what percent of 30?   Its easy 12/100=x/30   first times 12 and 30 which is 360 then you divide 360 to 100 which is 3.6 and thats your answer
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Ok its really simple..ok for example say we had a problem like
ex.24 is what percent of 120? So you,d have to set it up like this
base/amount = any variable (x) / 100 so 24 is the base and 120 is the amount now all you have to do is plug it in then divide 24 into120 then multiply your answer by 100 like this:
24/120 = x/100
.2 X 100=20%
so your answer is 20..
Your welcome :]
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Percent proportion are solved by taking the percentage of the total proportion. E.g. The question is what percentage of 50 is 40.

40/50 x 100

=80 %

we take the proportion, and divide it by whole proportion then multiply it with 100 to get percent proportion.

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