How Do I Convert Cm To Mm,m,dm, Etc And Vice Versa?


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These kinds of conversions are really easy because you are working in multiples of ten. For example, there are 10mm in one cm; 10cm in one dm; and 10dm in one meter. To do these conversions in reverse (or vice versa) you simply reverse the key: One m = 10 dm; one dm = 10cm; and one cm = 10mm.

If you want to convert anything else that you are not sure about there are plenty of websites that will do this easily for you. They include length conversions; weight; volume; metric conversions; area; and temperature.

Just type whatever type of conversion that you want to do into a search engine and you will have a choice of sites. The great thing about these sites is that they do not just give you the calculation, such as one inch = 2.54cm, but they will actually do the calculation for you. All you need to do is to choose what you want converting, and what into, and the amount, and you will get your answer instantly.

They will also give you the conversions of things like shoe and clothing sizes so if you want to buy something from eBay perhaps, from abroad and you are not sure what your size is in England or the rest of Europe, you can easily find out. Great resource for your average shopaholic!

If you need to do conversions and you do not have easy access to the Internet, it is also possible to find conversion charts in diaries, so if you have one tucked at the bottom of your purse, you will still be able to find out what size those shoes really are. You'll even be able to work out what time it is in that part of the world, too!
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This type of conversions are very easy. You can use the key given below:
1 m = 10 dm
1 dm = 10 cm
1 cm = 10 mm
These are the basis for any such conversions. You can either do them yourself or use the online converter givem at the link below:
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An example is if you were to look at a
ruler the short and small lines between the
cm's are mm...

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