Is It Legal For A Retail Postage Center To Place A Mark-up On U.S. Postage Stamps?


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How old is this question?  And, what's the point of sorting by date if no dates are shown?  More importantly, why are no dates shown?
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Well this is not legal and you can get in trouble if any consumer noticed this. The US postage department has right to fix prices for stamps and they can increase and decrease as well.
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Your answer is incorrect according to the USPS. See below: The following is from the US Postal Service site....

"The U.S. Postal Service has no control over the pricing policy of private entrepreneurs. Since they must pay full price for the stamps they buy for resale, they may, of course, charge a higher price in order to earn a return on their investment of capital and effort. Their prices are, no doubt, established on the basis of their needs and on economic market forces."


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