What Is The Conversion Of 2.5 Mg To Milliliters?


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It depends on the density of the component. That is expressed in mg/ml or kg/l or kg/m3 As the value for water is 1, here 2.5 mg will correspond to 2.5 ml.
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Mg is referred to as Milligram and is a unit of mass or weight whereas ml is referred to as Milliliter and is a unit of volume. We can make use of the following relationships to find the answer:

30 ml= 1 ounce
1 ml=1/30 ounce
1 ounce = 28 gm
1/30 ounce = 28/30 gm
so 1 gm = 1/28ounce and also
1 gm = 1000 mg
28/30 gm=1000x30/28 mg
so 1 ml= 1/30ounce=28/20 gm =1000x30/28 mg
1 ml = 1071.42 mg is the answer

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