I Want To Convert Ppm Or Mg/l To Pounds Per 1000 Gallon. Is There A Quick Conversion Factor?


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(1 mg/l)(1 kg/106 mg)(1 lb/0.45359237 kg)(3785.411784 l/1000 gal)
 =  (1 mg/l)(3785.411784/453592.37) (lb/mg)(l/1000 gal) =
1 mg/l =  about 8.3454*10-3 (lb/1000 gal)

5 mg/l is .041727 pounds/1000 gal.
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Per 1000 gallons of oil=?btu
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If there is 1.4*10^21 kg of water in the oceans, what is the potential mass in pounds, in the atlantic ocean of 2ppm dissolved iron and 0.002ppb dissolved aluminum?

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